Timeline- "the Process"


Here is what your coaches can expect in the process.

1.  Register their team on Tri County.
2. Complete the ACE Certification and Background Check. (see below) For both services the fee is $25.00 for year one, $20.00 year two and on. If you only need a background check the fee is $10.00.  Your coach is responsible for paying this fee directly to RegisterASA. 
3.  Individually register your players to receive rosters and insurance
4. After you individually register your players your coach/director will be given the option to pay on line or mail in a check. 

Process to complete ACE and Background Checks.

1. Go to RegisterUSASoftball.com 
2a.  New Users: Click on Create Profile and then create account.  This will bring you straight to Personal Steps Grid
2b. Existing users Login:  Then go to Personal Steps Grid
3. Choose between “ACE Certification w/ Background Check” OR “Background Check” by selecting “purchase”
4. Follow directions.

4.  Any issues with background checks conducted by Protect Youth Sports will be communicated to both the MN ASA Commissioner and to the coach directly.