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Welcome to the Tri County Fastpitch League

The Tri County Fastpitch League was established in 1972 to promote fastpitch softball for girls in the St. Paul/Minneapolis metropolitan area and now part of Western Wisconsin.  The league acts as a clearinghouse for interested communities, and limits it's self to the scheduling of league games between member associations, determines State tournament advancing and corresponding player eligibility standards.

 See registration live links in Softball News below.

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Coaches: 7 steps in getting started for the Season

    Softball News

    YOU CAN NOW START TO REGISTER YOUR 18-Under TEAMS FOR THE 2019 SEASON Through Minnesota Softball

    YOU CAN NOW START TO REGISTER YOUR 8-Under TEAMS FOR THE 2019 SEASON Through Minnesota Softball

    8-Under focus meeting- February 18th, 2019

    By Tom Bye 02/07/2019, 11:30am CST


    You can now start to register your teams for the 2019 season

    Play Ball! Minnesota Coaches Conference

    By Tom Bye 12/05/2018, 10:15am CST

    Sign up today for the 2019 Play Ball, coaches conference on Saturday, February 2, 2019...

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    Dudley Softball Order Form

    If you are looking to order Dudley Softballs, please click on the link above.

    This message board is dedicated to girls fastpitch softball in Minnesota.

    A complete message board from tournament listings to looking for players or coaches.

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