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10-Under State Qualifiers

USA Softball Selects On-line Nomination Form

Coaches, Nominate 2 players from your team. Click here for details.


Please go to 2018 Qualifier home page for complete list of rules and what to bring to tournament.



When you click the on-line bracket please make sure I selected your correct team.  It will go to your roster page.  95% were spot on and a few I had to guess because they did not match your team page name.

Thank you.

Top Finisher's 10U A

Finish Team Name
1st Place Rosemount Thomas
2nd Place Forest Lake Rangers
3rd Place Eagan Nesdahl

Top Finisher's 10UB Odd

Finish Team Name
1st Place Rosemount Wigley
2nd Place Oakdale Black
3rd Place St. Paul North Area Rookies

Top Finisher's 10UB Even

Finish Team Name
1st Place Chisago Lakes Larson
2nd Place Forest Lake Maroon
3rd Place Mendota Heights Christoperson

Top Finisher's 10U C

Finish Team Name
1st Place Central St. Croix Blue
2nd Place White Bear Lake White
3rd Place Rush City Tigers

Brian Casemore

10-Under A Tournament Director

Phone: 612-859-7710

David Van House

10-Under B Tournament Director

Phone: 612-618-1401

Pat Mahr

10-Under C Tournament Director

Phone: 651-357-2742

The 10-Under B league will be divided in two brackets.  One tournament will be the odd seeded teams.  i.e. 1,3,5,7,9 etc.   One tournament will be the even seeded teams.  i.e. 2,4,6,8,10 etc.  Seeds will be determined at the time the brackets are built.