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Interested in joining the Tri County League

For questions about joining the Tri County Fastpitch League, please contact Tom Bye, Tri County Director.

All associations or teams interested in joining Tri County will be invited to attend either the January or February league meetings and have the opportunity to introduce their group and ask for vote to join the league.

Tri County League meetings are by invite only.  These meetings are for your associations Tri County representatives to attend.

If you have general questions regarding the league play or website

1) Please direct all specific questions to either your team's coach or your association's traveling director. Most questions can be answered in the FAQ section under the Home Tab or on the League Rules Tab.

 2) If you are calling or e-mailing about editing your team page please make sure you've done the following first. I will ask you.
a:   You have created an account and you've e-mailed me a request to have access to your team page.
b:  After you have logged in and you don't see the edit tab either 1) you haven't logged in yet AND you are not on your team page or 2) you don't have an account yet.
c:  You have read all the steps on the coaches corner page found off of the home tab.

Tom Bye

Tom Bye

Tri County Director

Phone: 651-270-0219

Dana Anderson-Glass

Tri County Secretary

Steve Moore

Tri County Treasurer