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2016 Team Pages archive

The Tri County Fastpitch League Plays into the Minnesota Softball State Tournament

The National Sanctioning Bodies are USA Softball

Getting Started

*If you can't edit your page it means I couldn't find your NGIN user name. Please read ALL the steps below in the getting started section before you email me AND with all of your information requested below.

Coaches, the first thing you'll notice to the team pages is that I have created a team template to get you started.  Minimally all you have to do is to update your contact information by clicking on the edit button.  However, if you want to be more creative you can edit your team page anyway you like.

If you don't have an account yet please follow these directions: 

  1. If you coached last year at any level in Tri County and had an NGIN account you are all ready set up.  You do NOT need a new account for each team.
  2. If you are a new coach/user you need to create an account.  In the upper left corner you will see a tab "create and account"  Click on it and follow the directions by entering your information.  **You will need to go through activation email that is sent to you after initiating account.** 
  3. OR if you have an existing NGIN account through any other sport  including other fastpitch leagues a welcome box will appear in the upper left corner and say "welcome (your name)"  "link your existing NGIN account to Tri County? Click on Become a Member"  It's that simple.

After you have joined, please send an email to so Tom knows your registered.
Make sure to include in your e-mail: (I have to assign close to 600 teams so the more information you provide the better)

Team Name
Age & level coaching i.e. A, B or C


Thank you

I'm a new coach what is my next step?  Here is a brief list of action items you need to do for Tri County.  Your association may have specific things to do as well.

Tri County Checklist
Go to the TC Home page to create your official roster. Or go straight to This is mandatory for the league and for any tournament you are participating in. Including weekend invitational tournaments, Tri County, Qualifier’s, Minnesota Softball State and USA Nationals
Refer back to coaches corner page often! Most questions are answered there.
Create and NGIN account- Directions on the > TEAM tab homepage > Getting Started> once completed add your username to your team registration form. **FYI, Your NGIN account stays with you forever AND with ALL NGIN sports**
After you have joined, contact your association director first. Many directors have editing access and can assign you to your team page. Or E-mail Tom Bye to to obtain editing access to my team page IF coaches were selected after registration.
Edit Team Page and personalize for your team, add team logo, pictures etc.
Enter "my contact" information. Priority!
Enter my team manager and/or assistant coaches information if you have one.
Grant editing access to your team page to your assistant coach or manager if you prefer.
Enter player roster on your Tri County team page. This is used for tracking on-line stats only. This is meant to be fun for the players!
Add my HOME field location and URL on my game schedule. *This only takes 5 minutes at the beginning of the season. i.e. RCF #1. It will save you a lot of calls and e-mails.
If I am the HOME team I need to enter both games box scores within 24 hours. After that EITHER team can enter scores.
Tri County plays by the USA Rules. However, there may be some weekend invitational tournaments that you will have to follow their rules. Rule books were given to all coaches at the start of the season.
Tri County specific rules are found on the Tri County web site and in the Scorebook provided at the start of the season.
In the event of a rain out or any cancellation, notify MY associations umpire coordinator (or designated contact person) ASAP in order to cancel the umpire. If you don't know this contact your traveling director. Most assignors are listed in the score book too.
A state law in 2011, all coaches and officials must be trained in concussion awareness. On the Tri County home page there is link. This is mandatory.
All coaches should have standard practices for playing in any tournaments: Bring "Generic" Official roster which includes USA with parent signatures. Proof of ACE certification, Concussion certificate. Birth Certificates with ID.
What to bring to the Tri County Qualifier: A signed copy of your roster and your players birth certificates and photo ID of player. (copy photo on birth certificate). Gate fee and balls are part of the league fee.
What to bring if your team advances to the Minnesota State Tournament: A $100.00 gate fee made payable to the host association, a signed copy of your roster and your players birth certificates and photo ID of player. (copy photo on birth certificate)

Helpful tips for your team pages.

 When in doubt go to the coaches corner TAB

Coaches- please read all the information below.

Coaches- add your contact information and add your home field links on your schedule. 5 minutes of work will save YOU hours and hours of time.  Below are the quick  links.

Adding Your Contact INFO    
Add Your Home Field Link  
Add an EXTRA Person on Your Team to EDIT Your Team Page

Information getting access to your team page is found on the Team Pages main page under getting started.

I receive many emails with the same requests.  I will copy this link back to you if you don't try these steps first.

My new email

Thank you.


1.  Log in and get in edit mode
2.  Go to your team page
3.  Look for Admin Tab, It has a pull down menu, select >options > edit team  
5.  Change Team name:  Name= Header on Team Page, Short Name= Left Column menu.
6.  In same menu you can Add Logo and change your team colors.

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