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Adding Photos

By Tom Bye, 05/11/12, 4:51PM CDT


You can either add single photos or a photo gallery

  1. Assuming you are already logged in and on your team page.
  2. Tip: You can edit layer container in multiple ways.  It will dramatically change the size of the photo.
  3. Once you have decided where you want the photo click on "add page element"
  4. Select either the single photo page element or photo gallery page element.
  5. Make sure you know where your photos are stored on your computer.  When you click on > choose file > you need to know where to go.
  6. Follow the directions for both.  Adding a single photo is all done on this step.  There are a few more steps with the photo gallery but you can add as many photos as you want at a time.
  7. When done last step is to click > Create this page element