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**Enter Box Score and Player Stats OR Edit Game Score**

By Tom Bye, 05/31/12, 7:45AM CDT


The home team coach is responsible for entering box score

The home team coach is responsible for entering the box score within 24 hours of the completion of a game.

Log in, go to your team page, click on edit mode.

1) Click on "game schedules" which is 2nd yellow tab in next to rosters along the top navigation bar.
2)  Go to scheduled game that you played. You'll see in the last column "QS" = quick score (click on it) and enter Game Status (FINAL)>enter score>add comment>SAVE
3) OR on the YELLOW BAR is the "Quick Score"  game reporting.  Enter box sore for multiple games at once and then you are done.   
4)  Entering Player Stats:  Instead of using Quick Score click on the GAME TIME you want to enter the Stats for.  This gives you multiple options. 1) again a quick score feature, 2) Score live feature (new 2013), 3) Edit Stats manually.   You can make it as simple or as detailed as you like.  However, you must fill out your team roster for your players to appear.  
There is another directions page explaining how to fill out your team roster.
5) Click on save game details.
6) Important- Click on "Final" in yellow bar of game status or your game will not appear in the league standings.

7) ***OR if you entered a score incorrectly follow same steps.  Click on "final" for game that needs to be edited, click on "edit stats", enter correct score and save. That's all.


NOTE: Entering the box score is the responsibility of the HOME team within 24 hours, after that either team can enter the scores.  (FALL BALL enter by NOON Monday)

>TST Media Knowledge Article

How do I add a score or stats to a Game?

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