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11/14/2018, 8:45am CST
By Tom Bye

Here are the dates for league, qualifiers, state, fall and nationals and other important dates.


League Play
8-Under- Starts May 8th, last game June 26th.  League is hosted on the Minnesota Softball site
10-Under- Starts May 2nd, last game June 25th
12-Under- Starts May 1st, last game June 24th
14-Under- Starts May 14th, last game July 9th
16-Under- Starts June 3rd, last game July 10th
18-Under- Starts June 4th, last game July 9th. League hosted on the Minnesota Softball site.

4th of July Celebration
July 6-7th, 2019- OFF

10U-12U Qualifiers for Big West and Tri County June 28-30th
14U-18U Qualifiers for Big West and Tri County July 12-14th

Minnesota Softball State Tournaments
14U-18U Gold State June 29-30th
8U-12U Minnesota Softball State July 13-14th
14U-18U Minnesota Softball State July 20-21st

10U-18U USA  Nationals July 24th-28th
10U-18U MOA Championships August 1-4th

USA Softball Selects
August 9-11th, 2019

Fall Ball
8U-18U Minnesota Softball Fall Meeting August 8th
August 25th, 2019- Fall Ball Week 1
September 8th, 2019- Fall Ball Week 2
September 15th, 2019- Fall Ball Week 3
September 21-22nd, 2019- Fall Ball Week 4
September 28th-29th, 2019- 8U-18U Minnesota Softball Fall State

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