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You can NOW enter Tournament Games!

By Tom Bye, 05/31/12, 6:00AM CDT


Are you looking for a way to keep track of your win/loss record? Or to enter all your team stats here is how..........

This may not be the perfect solution but we are getting closer.  The assumptions assume you are logged in, on your team page, selected your schedule tab. 
This also assumes ALL tournament teams are NOT part of Tri County, Suburban, CMFL etc..

  1. >Add New Game
  2. Leave team #1 as your team and HOME.
  3. Click > Outside League
    Next Section is divided into Site, League, and Team 
  4. For Site: (Click > Tri County Fastpitch League, Suburban or MN ASA)
  5. ***NEW*** With ALL leagues being ASA most of the Teams in the entire State should be listed!***  
  6. Easiest Option:  For League 1) Click > Outside League then for Team select > Weekend Tournament Team.  
    Detailed Option: if you know it For League 2) >Select level of  play i.e 14B > For Team Select the Team you played. 
  7. Enter Game Time: > Select the Date.
  8. Enter  >Tournament Location
  9. *Important* > Click Does NOT affect league standings
  10.  In description enter- > VS "team name" , especially if you chose weekend tournament team.
  11. Click > "Create Game"
  12. Enter game details like regular season game.

This will show win/losses and give you the capabilities to enter team stats.  However, there is no current way to display over-all record on the league standings page.