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**Delete a Game**

05/31/2012, 7:00am CDT, By Tom Bye

Is your schedule wrong and you need to delete a game? Follow these directions...

**Adding a Game**

05/31/2012, 6:30am CDT, By Tom Bye

Did you just delete a game and now you have to add a new one? Follow these directions

**Add Field Location to Existing Home Game**

05/31/2012, 6:15am CDT, By Tom Bye

If you have multiple fields that your association plays at you need to..........

You can NOW enter Tournament Games!

05/31/2012, 6:00am CDT, By Tom Bye

Are you looking for a way to keep track of your win/loss record? Or to enter all your team stats here is how..........

Adding Photos

05/11/2012, 4:51pm CDT, By Tom Bye

You can either add single photos or a photo gallery

Concussion Awareness

08/27/2011, 6:27am CDT, By Tom Bye

Did you know that in August 2011 it became a State Law to be trained in concussion awareness? Find out more.....

Editing you team name, Adding your team logo, update team colors.

08/26/2011, 6:33am CDT, By Tom Bye

Do you want to edit your team name or add your team logo to your team page? Now you can, it's easy....

Do I need a new NGIN account each year? NO

06/04/2011, 7:59am CDT, By Tom Bye

1 log-in, 1 password is all you'll ever need with any..............

Coaches you can add someone to edit your team pages.

04/30/2011, 6:23am CDT, By Tom Bye

Are you looking to have someone else enter your scores and stats? Here is how.....

Where do I find my NAFA Number

06/18/2010, 5:06pm CDT, By Tom Bye

You need to put your NAFA number on your...

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Displaying Results 21 - 30 of 30