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Tri County Fastpitch League Facts

Please direct all specific questions to either your team's coach or your association's traveling director.

Q.  Where do coaches find out more information about the web site and team pages?
A: Go to the Coaches Corner page for 95%  answers.
A: Go to Team Pages Info+ for key dates, quick links and "I'm a new coach, what's next"

Q:  How can my association join Tri County or who do I talk to to find out more information?
A:  For associations interested in joining the Tri County League please contact Tom Bye, Tri County Director.  E-mail him here or call his cell 651-270-0219.  New associations are voted on at the December Tri County League Directors meeting.

Q:  Who is Tri County Affiliated with?
A:  Tri County has been affiliated with the Minnesota Softball  for the past thirteen years. (formed in 2005). The Minnesota Softball runs the largest State Tournament and is the host of the largest Fall Softball League in Minnesota.

Q:  What national organization is Tri County sanctioned through? 
A:  Tri County is currently sanctioned with USA softball. This has been a positive relationship with the Minnesota Softball and has created more opportunities because of it. USA Softball offers USA Northern i.e. regional tournaments and USA National Tournament opportunities. There are also Mall of America Championships opportunities that are included in your sanctioning fee.  This tournament will draw teams typically from 5 surrounding states. 

Q:  What National body can my team sanction with?
A:  Again, your league fee sanctions are through USA Softball, the national sanctioning body of softball.  However, Tri County does NOT control who your team sanctions with or what tournaments you play in.  If you do play in a different nationally sanctioned tournament please make sure to follow their requirements to participate in that tournament.

Q:  What rules does the Tri County League follow?
A:  Our league is following the USA Softball rule book. Any specific Tri County rule is outlined under the league game rules tab.

Q:  When registering my team on-line what if I want to schedule less league games so we can practice more and play in more weekend tournaments?
You can do this.  On the registration for you can check off dates you want OFF.  However, per bylaws teams are required to play ½ of the approved schedule for weeks during the summer season. For example.  If  I'm scheduling 12U to play in 10 league nights and 20 games, you must play at least 5 league nights and 10 games to advance to qualifiers.  

Q:  When will the schedules be out?
A:  Schedules are typically out one week prior to age specific season starting.  For example, if the 12-Under season starts on May 1, their schedule should be posted by April 15th. Schedules will be posted in order of start date.

Q:  What if there is a conflict with one of our scheduled games and can't play?
A:  The schedules are final.  The coach needs to call the opposing coach and work something out in a timely manner and schedule a make up game.

Q:  The field location is not correct or our association is not listed?
A:  Contact your associations director and have them pass on the correct information to the web master.

Q:  Why did the 10U rules change?
A:  Because it's a National rule and the Tri County Directors voted in the January 2011 meeting to be in line with the National rules at all levels of 10U.

Q:  Will there be an 8U league in Big West or Tri County?
A:  Yes.  In 2015 the Tri County and Big West directors voted to add this level of play. It has proven to be very successful and has grown each year.  Adding it to the league level will increase awareness and increase participation for the younger ages.  In 2018 we had over 60 participating.

Q:  At our Tri County Qualifier I occasionally see non Tri County teams participate, why is this?
A:  The Minnesota Softball goal is to have ALL leagues in the State have their own qualifiers to advance their teams to State.  Currently not all teams have a qualifier.  The Metro leagues (Tri County, Big West & Gold League) have extended invitations to the outer metro teams.  We believe teams that play in our qualifiers then are qualified to the correct State Tournament and provides better competition.

Q:  Does our team have to play in qualifiers to advance to State and/or Nationals?
A:  Yes.