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10U C State Qualifier Bracket

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2019 Roseville Fastpitch 10U White Team guidlines

I hope everyone is enjoying the season and finally some Softball weather! I would like everyone to keep doing their homework listed below.

Try to play catch with someone every day. Try catching the ball in different spots(forehand, backhand, low, high) Try to hit the glove of the person(or target) you're throwing to.

Play keep up with a bat and ball.

Hold the bat with one hand and lightly tap the ball straight up. see how many times you can hit the ball before it hits the ground. You can even use a foam ball or tennis ball if you need to do it inside.

Put down two bases and practice running as fast as you can from one to the other. (or if you have enough people, play hot box)

If you want to be a pitcher, we do not have enough practice time to do as much practice as you will need to be a pitcher. You need to practice at least 3 times a week outside of practice and games. You all know the wrist snap, T, K and one knee windmill drills. They are all important if you would like to be a good pitcher.

Everyone on the team is welcome to use my nets, hit away, softballs, tees, weighted hitting balls, etc. Just ask and make sure to bring them back to the next team event.

No excuses. For example, if you want to be a pitcher and can't find someone to catch for you, I have a net, a target and softballs you can use.

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Roseville White Coaches

Tony Goodmanson

Head Coach

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